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    posted on May 4, 2012

    I have had so much fun with collecting recipes on Pinterest. There is nothing better than seeing a delicious picture of something to get you motivated to try a new recipe. I am not a great cook, and honestly my family does not reward me for the effort (picky boys and a husband that often works late), so I am usually reluctant to stray from my easy kid-friendly meals. But Pinterest has changed that in a way, cooking magazines and emails never did. And I have found fun kid food that other moms tell me are easy and their kids have loved. Nothing like the testimonial along with the picture! Make sure to follow Play Today DC on Pinterest.

    Here are some of my favorites-

    Apple sandwiches with granola and nut butter


    Add food coloring to your boiling water to color your noodles!


    Fruit kebabs, rainbow style!


    Seriously amazing- you can make brownies in your waffle iron!

    Source: via PlayToday on Pinterest


    Happy cooking!


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